Youth Camps

We offer a 2 or 3 day youth mentoring program suitable for young people that are moving through the threshold toward adolescence.

If using the Canoe as a metaphor for the life journey, it holds teachings for navigating the path to a strong sense of self and inner resilience,whilst fostering deep relationships with ourselves,others and the natural environment.

During our time together we will be sharing and exploring teachings of canoe journeying and the skills required to become confident on the water. This helps youth learn to paddle the sometimes choppy rivers of this time of life, as they can be pulled by strong currents, and are sometimes navigating through the dark to find welcoming shores as they move towards the ocean of adulthood.

Alongside the canoe and the river teachings, we will be sharing the understandings of the life cycle and the teachings of each life stage or threshold we move through during adolescence.These are all natural rites of passage towards adulthood. There will be teachings from The 4 shields of human nature from “the school of lost borders” which is the tradition of vision quest. All these teachings empower youth as they bring understanding and knowledge. They will be shared through storytelling of ancient myths and ceremony. Also evenings spent fireside sharing and listening to our stories ,there will be a chance to offer a part of our own life journey and to hear others .

The time will also be spent:

Learning camp craft skills,fire lighting and basic bushcraft techniques,foraging for fuel and food as well as fireside cooking.

travelling through the local landscape,observing the natural world around us.

Pulling ashore to a secluded beach, to forage, light a fire and make food and journey onwards.

Paddling to our destination to make camp for the night and prepare for the evening.

There will be an opportunity for adult sharing as the children are engaged in bushcraft learning,and the days sharing and honouring the relationship between adult and child.

Teachings,sharing,and storytelling, whilst relaxing fireside as the light fades before a welcomed sleep.





,Held by Steve, a father of 3 boys, and Eartha, a mother of 2 girls, we offer a blend of experience in rites of passage and the journey to adulthood, alongside nature based practices and outdoor education skills.

Steve is a qualified canoe coach and leader. He has studied outdoor education at the university of Glamorgan.Steve has a passion for the natural environment and the reflection this brings to the life’s journey. As a” wilderness rites of passage guide” he facilitates vision-quests in Spain,in the tradition from “the school of lost borders.”

Eartha created the Becoming Native project for young children when her daughters were very young. This work has evolved into community led circles, lodges and rites of passage for young women and a regular mentoring program. She runs courses online and in circle to help others guide youth through her work of Woman-Becoming. She also is co founder of Sacred Woman Sacred World which works to restore ourselves, community, culture and the land, through soul retrieval and recovering rites of passage.

Mother and Son Camp:August 7th-9th

An opportunity to deepen the relationship between mothers and sons, alongside the journey towards and through adolescence.Fostering a deeper sense of self and inner resilience, whilst acquiring new skills and forming strong bonds with each other and the community.

Cost £275 per mother and son. Places are limited. To book pay here.

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Mother and Daughter camp: August 21st-23rd

An opportunity to spend time with your daughter in the natural world, with the beauty of being on the water and the healing of the canoe. As they move through their path to womanhood we can help guide them to feel the feminine and the strength of becoming a woman.

Cost £275 per mother and daughter. Places are limited. To book pay here.

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