Canoe Journeying Camps

Canoe Journey Camps

We offer a range of 2 to 3 day wild camps in Pembrokeshire. Travelling” the old way” via canoe to access some of the most unspoilt  nature available to us.Improving canoeing skills along the way, we blend into and become part of the environment we inhabit.Journeying as a group opens the chance of new connections to be made and uncovering/recovering that part of ourselves that feels truly alive in nature.A time to unwind and step back from the business of modern life and realign with the simplicity of being human in its natural form.

All camps follow the same design of journeying by canoe in nature, wild camping, with some self reflective time built in.Lighting waterside fires to make a brew and a camp fire to cook our meals,gathering firewood and foraging for food/herbs in season.Time to share a story,or a chance to be heard, around the evening fire.

Returning to your life with a restored sense of well being and the potential to see with fresh eyes.

Canoe Journey Camp

Camping in wild woods and upon secluded foreshores,

Starting fires from scratch

Camp craft and fireside cooking

Foraging for food

Bush craft



Meeting on a Saturday morning

Canoe skills

A days paddling with plenty of rest stops for drinks and food

Exploring the foreshores/Foraging

Make camp/cook meal

Evening fire


Canoe skills

Early morning paddle

Breakfast on the move

stopping for lunch waterside

Paddle to destination

Finnish Sunday afternoon

Theses camps are running from April through until September.Tides and weather dependent.

For more information on dates or if you have a group booking please contact us to plan your journey.


Canoe Journey Camp For Youth

Some camps are specifically structured for youth, and helping guide them on the journey to adulthood by using the canoe as a metaphor for this life phase.

Nature connection/reflection

4 shields of human nature teachings

Life cycle teachings and moving through thresholds



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